Friday, May 13, 2011

Addy's Books and Movies

Addisyn in a little sponge these days soaking every thing up and asking a million questions along the way. She is very much into books and as most children loves a good movie. We read with her every night and encourage her to "read" on her own. Every night she put her self to sleep with a flashlight and a pile of books. I know when she has fallen asleep cause I can hear the books fall with a big thud.

She is allowed to watch movies and sometimes TV (cartoons) but we really try to limit the amount to just a few hours a week. Yes there are those weeks where I feel like she has watched way too much, so we regroup and get back on track. We are no where near perfect and we get it, life happens.

While she is absolutely sure that her hair glows just like Rapunzel and thinks she can breath underwater like Ariel, she can also tell you all how sad the Lorax is when all the trees are chopped down and how important it is to recycle and not throw our trash in the ocean. Mixed in with the mainstream and age appropriate movies I really try to fine and promote ones that are going to send a positive message about our environment and animals.

So here are a few of her favorites.

I feel like these ones give a positive message about the environment and how we are treating it and that even one single person can make a huge difference good or bad.

These ones show how animals should not be used for food or entertainment, that they have feelings and families and feel pain and sadness just as we do.

This is one of my favorite books. The illustrations are beautiful and it put why we are vegan into very simple terms for Addisyn to understand.

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