Thursday, May 5, 2011

Awesome Vegan Finds

We are always stoked when we find some new vegan food or product that we have never tried. Here are a few of our latest yummy food finds!

Dairy free cheddar crackers, found at Whole Foods. Addy loves them, they taste just like goldfish crackers. They are great cause now when she is somewhere like preschool or church and the other kids are having goldfish crackers she can feel included.

We found these candy bars at Whole foods as well. I was looking for something fun to add to Addys Easter basket. We added the Enjoy Life one and the Buccaneer one to her basket. They were so good that the next time I was at the store I picked up the Twilight one to try. There are a couple other flavors of that brand that we still need to try. We don't eat candy very often but it's nice to know when we are craving something sweet there are some yummy things out there!

We found these at the Commissary for a killer price! We have had the black bean vegan ones they make but have never seen the breakfast burrito ones...yummuy!

I found this at a store called Natural Grocers in St George Utah, They are so yummy and dairy free!!!

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