Sunday, May 15, 2011

Garrapata State Park

Lonny and I discovered this park a few months back and went for an amazing hike. We brought Addy back for some seashell hunting a few days ago and since we love it so much Lonny and I went back yesterday for a small hike along the coast. While we were on our hike we saw 4 whales! They were amazing to watch, so majestic and so in sync with one another, they literally took my breath away! I turned around to look up at Lonny and over him was flying a group of pelicans in the most perfect V formation, we watched them soar out over the ocean.......the moment was perfect and amazing and made me feel so small in comparison to these amazing creatures. We are a lucky family to live in such beauty and I am a lucky woman to be able to experience it with such an amazing man!

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