Friday, July 29, 2011

More Vegan Fun Finds

Here are some of the latest fun and yummy vegan things we have discovered!

Cookies from Trader Joes, they also have a trail mix flavor, but these are Addys favorites!

Jello!!! Yummmmy! Addy loves these! There is also a black cherry flavor that is really good!

This is the most exciting!!! Cream cheese that actually tastes AMAZING! Addy goes in the fridge everyday begging for a mini bagel (she calls them doughnuts) with this cream cheese! They also have a plain flavor that is great! It's great for baking too, I made my moms killer black bottom cupcakes that have a cream cheese filling! (I'll post that recipe another time)

This isn't really a vegan find but I wanted to share cause its our summer addiction! They are so good and there are a bunch of other flavors, mango, strawberry and a few others! The are always on sale in the summer at whole foods so every time I go I stock us up.

My mom gave me this one, I have seen it in the stores but never really flipped though it. Well I should's awesome!! Tons of great info, recipes and articles. I'm totally hooked!

Lonny gave me a subscription to this for my birthday, its a killer magazine with a ton of recipes, much more than VegNews. Even though it's a vegetarian mag there are still quite a few vegan recipes and the ones that aren't can easily be made vegan.

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