Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Seashell Hunting

We have become a bit obsessed with seashell hunting, we found a sweet little spot and go once a week. It's a great family activity, Addisyn absolutely loves going down and finding her treasures! We usually get to see all sorts of other creatures in the tide pools as well like starfish, crabs, sea anemone, sea urchins.

We have a few bottles around our house that we have been filling with the shells we find, it's amazing to see the different sizes, colors and patterns. Some of them are so tiny yet so beautiful!

Ready to find some shells!

Hiking down to the beach.

Addys bucket full of treasures!

Another day down at the water seashell hunting.

Check out the starfish!

Yet another day heading to the water.

Checking out whats in the water and playing with seaweed.

Our shells for the day!

Some of our favorite shells we have found.

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